Put simply – we exist to serve your corporate and estate legal needs. Our corporate services include corporate governance, contract review and drafting, creating trademark and copyright protections, as well as business litigation.  Business litigation includes intellectual property litigation, business to business collection, contract disputes, restrictive covenants, defamation actions, tortious interference actions, property partition, and other legal and equitable actions.  Estate services are provided for decedent estates, bankruptcy estates and liquidation estates. Many of our clients are small to mid-sized companies that don’t have in-house counsel. Because we are experienced and responsive, C&E Legal Services can provide the “daily” counsel that clients oftentimes require. From pre-trial negotiations to post judgment collection and appeal, we zealously represent your legal interests.


We value and serve a wide range of clientele and understand that each client is unique. Some clients need to talk through issues and others are comfortable issuing an email directing specific actions.  These differences arise because clients don’t come to the table with the same levels of contract and litigation experience. Regardless of your experience level or your problem solving approach, we are here to accommodate your needs and to respond to your concerns.  We work hard to express your philosophies in all of your legal affairs and business dealings.


We stay current with office production technologies and collaborate with other lawyers and experts to meet your needs. Twenty years ago, you could operate a law firm with a simple computer, a typewriter and a facsimile machine.  Those days are gone.  In all candor, today’s technologies are far superior.  They enable lawyers to compile work product in a shorter timeframe, to immediately communicate and transmit complex documents, and to access research tools not previously available.  By staying current with these technologies and by bringing decades of experience regarding their proper and efficient use, we make powerful and cost-effective legal tools a part of your business repertoire.